SWP 538 Social Work Research: Part I

This course provides an introduction to quantitative social research epistemologies relevant to an anti-oppression practice framework. The course explores ethics, ownership, research for and with marginalized communities, inclusiveness and critical reflexivity while designing and conducting research. It critically examines steps in the quantitative research process. As a strategy to effect change, students will acquire the knowledge and skill to conduct quantitative research and to critically assess research articles in the literature from an anti-oppression framework. (SWP 538 and SWP 638 replace former equivalent course SWP 38A/B). Lect: 3 hrs. Prerequisites: [SWP 331, SWP 335, SWP 341, SWP 435 and (SWP 402 or SWP 22B)] or Direct Entry Course Weight: 1.00 Billing Units: 1

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