SWP 924 Strategies for Addressing Conflict

Conflict is a natural and common phenomenon in social interaction. Depending on how conflict is dealt with, the results can be positive or negative. This course is designed to provide students with practical skills and specific strategies for dealing with conflict in a variety of social work contexts: between individuals and social systems, between family members, between groups, between co-workers, and between participants of the public policy development process. This course will help the student to identify when different types of strategies may be more effective and how to implement them. Students will participate in hands-on case studies and role plays. They will be given an opportunity to re-explore real life conflicts from their own experiences. Lect: 3 hrs. Prerequisites: (SWP 302, SWP 331, SWP 335, SWP 341, SWP 402 and SWP 435) or Direct Entry, Antirequisites: INT905, INT914 Course Weight: 1.00 Billing Units: 1

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