NSE 21A/B Concepts, Individual and Family

In this course, students will critically explore concepts and theories associated with human responses to acute and chronic illness within a developmental and cultural context of individuals and families. Examples include family theory, attachment, temperament, pain, crisis, coping, anger, anxiety, quality of life, grieving, dying process, empowerment and hardiness. Students will critically appraise current literature, research findings and clinical practice in order to determine therapeutic interventions. Lect: 3 hrs. Corequisites: NSE 22A/B, PAT 20A/B, and NUR 80A/B, Prerequisites: BLG 10A/B, NSE 11A/B, NSE 12A/B, NSE 13A/B, and NSE 112 Course Weight: 2.00 Billing Units: 1/1

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