ASC 520 Integration Studio I

Complex Building Feasibility Study. In this studio course students will prepare a feasibility study and schematic design for a complex, multi-use building on an urban site. The project builds on the knowledge gained to date in years 1 and 2 and extends students’ understanding and capability by requiring that they fully integrate co-requisite lecture course material. Site analysis, economic and functional feasibility studies are undertaken as pre-design research. These will directly inform schematic design work that will be the basis for further development of the project in 6th semester. Lab: 9 hrs. Corequisites: ASC 621 and ASC 522 and PLX 599, Prerequisites: ASC 401 and ASC 402 and ASC 403 and ASC 405 and ASC 406 and CVL 407 Course Weight: 3.00 Billing Units: 2

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