THG 42A/B Advanced Practicum in Production

An extension of THG 32A/B for students who have demonstrated marked talent as designers, directors, playwrights or choreographers. Students will work closely with staff and guest directors in the Ryerson Theatre Company. They will be required to assume full responsibility for a thesis production, which will be mounted in the studio theatre. As maturity and talent dictate, they may be assigned full responsibility for designing, directing, writing or choreographing a major work. Admission to this practicum is by portfolio and interview. Candidates may be students who have completed THG 32A/B, students who have demonstrated exceptional directorial or design talent during their completing of a program offered by another Department in the Faculty of Arts, or candidates who have practical experience in community or professional theatre. Enrollment is limited, selective and requires permission from the Chair of the Department. Hours vary according to assignments. Lect: 2 hrs. Course Weight: 2.00 Billing Units: 1/1

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