THF 11A/B Creative Performance Studies I

This course introduces the student to the creating process and is designed to help each student to find his or her unique voice through exercises in self-expression and dramatic writing. It is structured to stimulate performer creativity and the initiative required to self-generate and fulfill original work and encourage students to take a significant role in the development of the theatre of which they want to be a part. The class will be a mix of individual and collaborative exploration with dance and acting students working together in exercises designed to stimulate unique collaborations between their diverse theatrical approaches and “languages”, spawning a more theatrical and expressive form of presentation. Students will be required to incorporate the material and techniques covered into a piece of their own creation, to be presented at the end of each semester. Semester I will be a “first draft” and Semester II will be a “second draft” of the piece or a “first draft” of a new piece. Lab: 2 hrs. Course Weight: 2.00 Billing Units: 1/1

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