SWP 925 Strong Helpers’ Teachings

Ogitchita Luwatilihunyunih (Aboriginal Translation) is designed to build upon the content and learning from SWP435. It provides students with an understanding of an anti-colonial theoretical framework when approaching social work with Aboriginal peoples. Students examine how social policies and research inform social work practice with Aboriginal peoples, with an emphasis on self-determination/sovereignty and Aboriginal research methodologies. They gain an understanding of the strengths of Aboriginal worldviews in helping others and address how to integrate these into their practice. Lect: 3 hrs. Prerequisites: (SWP 302, SWP 331, SWP 335, SWP 341, SWP 402 and SWP 435) or Direct Entry, Antirequisite: INT 910 Course Weight: 1.00 Billing Units: 1

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