RMG 910 Multi-Channel Retailing

“Multi-channel retailing provides the student with a comprehensive view of the dominant theme for retailers in the 21st Century. The course focuses on the importance of operating and integrating multiple channels of merchandising. By providing an integrated solution to the consumer the retailer reinforces its brand, responds to the consumer’s buying patterns, increasing sales and customer loyalty. An integrated multi-channel strategy must be seamlessly linked and present the same marketing face to the customer. The course helps the student to develop the skills to analyze a firm’s current multi-channel strategy and recommend an integrated strategy to help meet customer needs: optimize sales effectively and efficiently for the retailer. The student will have the opportunity to reinforce her learning through a consulting assignment to a firm in the industry.” Lect: 3 hrs. Prerequisite: ITM 350 or RMG 200 Course Weight: 1.00 Billing Units: 1

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