NUR 826 Community Mental Health

This course will provide students with opportunities to develop a depth and breadth of knowledge and skill in the practice of mental health nursing in community settings. There will be an emphasis on development of comprehensive assessment skills, the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation, case management, and interdisciplinary teamwork skills. Using selected examples of current community initiatives, theoretical literature and research findings, students will have an opportunity to discuss a variety of models and resources that support clients and families. Discussion and analysis of current mental health reform issues and other relevant health policies and legislation will be included. Lect: 3 hrs. Corequisite: NSE 418 or NCL 800, Prerequisites: (NUC 832 and NUR 805 and NUR 816) or (NSE 32B and NSE 31B and NSE 407 and NSE 306) Course Weight: 1.00 Billing Units: 1

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