NSE 22A/B Nursing Practice II

In this hospital based clinical course, students will use critical thinking in their approach to clients/families who are experiencing acute and chronic illness across the lifespan. Using a theoretical approach that is relevant to the practice situation, students will collaborate with clients and colleagues to ensure caring, therapeutic, culturally sensitive nursing practice. Opportunities will be provided for the development of proficiency in the nursing practice skills introduced in the first year of the program as well as the acquisition of increasingly complex nursing skills. There will be continued emphasis on self reflection. Students will work in small groups with a clinical teacher. Lect: 2 hrs./Lab: 12 hrs. Corequisites: NSE 21A/B, PAT 20A/B, and NUR 80A/B,  Prerequisites: BLG 10A/B, NSE 11A/B, NSE 12A/B, NSE 13A/B, and NSE 112 Course Weight: 2.00 Billing Units: 2/2

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