MEC 713 Project Management

The objective of this course is to examine the fundamentals of project management within a life-cycle approach, i.e., from idea generation to termination/close phase. It treats human, mathematical, engineering and managerial issues surrounding project management to equip students with tools to effectively manage engineering projects. This course will cover topics such as: project screening and selection, evaluation methods of projects, project structures, management and control, project scheduling, resource management, life-cycle costing, research and development projects, computer support for project management, and project termination. (Equivalent to IND 713) Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr. Prerequisites: CMN 432, ECN 801, MEC 309, MEC 411, MEC 430, MTH 510 and MEC 709, Antirequisites: EMS 304, CVL 742 Course Weight: 1.00 Billing Units: 1

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